Nina Kozlova, President of FinExpertiza, becomes a delegate of the 20th WCOA

Nina Kozlova, the President of FinExpertiza, is taking part in the 20th World Congress of Accountants (WCOA) as a Board member of the Russian Union of Auditors (RUA). It is a significant event for the global financial industry. WCOA 2018 has brought more than 6,000 delegates from 130 countries together in Sydney to discuss the future of the accounting and audit professions, and the form and size of their transformation. The event is held every 4 years and is an important platform to work out directions for development and tools for enhancement of financial professions, as well as to decide upon the strategy of their further development.

At the Congress, the RUA Head Lyudmila Kozlova and the President of FinExpertiza Nina Kozlova met with Rachel Grimes, IFAC President, and Syliva Tsen, IFAC Executive Director, Knowledge, Operations & Technology. They discussed prospects for development of the audit profession in Russia.

"I think that despite the digitalization taking place throughout the world, in the next few years, the audit profession will not become extinct. Many accounting procedures subject to algorithmization will reduce the workload of an accountant making it possible to focus on strategic tasks and professional judgement – and this is a good thing. Although the 130 countries represented at the congress are extremely heterogeneous regarding development of audit and financial industry as a whole, auditors and accounts from all over the world face challenges that are largely similar – strengthening of trust in the profession, increase of the prestige of the audit profession, the necessity to change the format and quality of educational programs, as well as the impact of technologization", - Nina Kozlova believes.
7 November 2018

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