"Youth travel is the market to seek for" - Ilgiz Baymuratov spoke on the youth travel trends at the meeting of young leaders

Vice-president of international network FinExpertiza Ilgiz Baymuratov made a speech at the meeting of 100 young leaders of Russia and China held in Kazan on October, 29. The young businessmen learnt from his speech about the global youth travel trends, the aspects of hospitality for the Chinese who travel in Russia and how to promote Russia for the youth.

Ilgiz Baymuratov has brought some figures: "The youth travel market in 2009 amounted to USD 190 billion. The segment estimation by 2020 is over USD 400 billion and the number of young travelers is estimated by 370 million people. It is clear the youth travel is a huge travel segment to seek for."

Ilgiz Baymuratov says that a Chinese tourist can be described as a woman-traveler - 60% of the total tourists. Young travelers are 20% of the total. The psychological threshold for a travel to Russia for a Chinese package tourist is 10 thousand Yuan per person which is about RUB 95 thousand.

The most attractive countries for Chinese tourists in 2018 have been Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and the USA to round out the top ten. The inflow of travelers from China to Russia has been increasing year by year. For example, 837,800 tourists from China came to Russia in 2014 that is 0.76% of the total population of that country; whereas this figure increased to 1,478,000 people by 2017 that is 1.02%. "So, we can spot an objective growth in the interest of Chinese tourists towards Russia." - concluded Ilgiz Baymuratov.

The meeting of 100 young leaders of Russia and China was organized by the Russian Ministry for Education and Science, Russian Youth Union and All-China Youth Federation.
1 November 2018

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