IV FinExpertiza Global Conference - drawing conclusions, thinking ahead

IV FinExpertiza Global Conference has closed after two busy days in Limassol, Cyprus. Delegates from 17 countries discussed pressing professional issues and shared their insights into a post-corona crisis world. How to efficiently adjust global and local businesses strategies to new economic and social paradigms? How to minimize the damage and turn limitations into opportunities? Why has ESG gained a tremendous traction during the corona-crisis? FinExpertiza speakers covered these and many more urgent topics in a series of experts reports and round-table talks.

"The pandemic made it possible to fully experience the fragility of our world and the value of human life. The agenda of digital transformation and economic growth has come to the forefront, as well as the problems of ecology, the well-being of each person, the social responsibility of business, and the principles of sustainable development," summed up the discussion Elena Trubnikova, President of FinExpertiza Global.

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