Delegates of FinExpertiza Global Conference discussed business development in the emerging economic reality

FinExpertiza Global

The 5th Annual FinExpertiza Global Conference has finished its work in Istanbul. The delegates shared extensive practical experience in the field of audit, consulting and corporate management and discussed the key challenges that the emerging economic reality poses to businesses. The conference was attended by members of FinExpertiza Global from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Financial experts spoke about the relevant aspects of ISA and IFRS, enhancement of the quality of professional services and practical solutions for audit automation.

"In times of economic turbulence stakeholders must receive relevant financial and non-financial information at the right time. Our clients make informed business decisions that depend, in no small measure, on how competent we are as auditors and consultants. Excellent professional competences guarantee us integrity, sustainability and competitiveness on today’s market," said President of FinExpertiza Global Elena Trubnikova.
29 October 2022

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