Cairo, Egypt, HCA - Hafez Sharaf El-Din & Co 

About us: We started our activity in 1990 with a group of small businesses, during this short period we acquired a solid reputation in our field. 

Our Services: We provide our services at the highest level of professionalism in accordance with the Egyptian & International standards. 

Major Services: 

Accounting and Auditing: 

Our firm provides accounting and audit services in accordance with the Egyptian standards on accounting and auditing, for a large number of corporations operating in Egypt along with representative offices of foreign corporations. 
• Periodic bookkeeping;
• Prepare financial statements;
• Assurance Services.


Our firm provides a variety of taxation services including: 
• Taxation compliance; 
• Tax consulting services through multiple of efficient experiences on all kinds of taxes (Public – VAT – Payroll– Stamp duty – Property – Discount and Collection of Tax Calculation);
• Represent corporations in tax examination of the various kinds of taxes at all taxation authorities. 


• Form all types of companies and providing technical advice and guidance for clients on the suitable legal form for their business; 
• Incorporation procedures of all types of companies; 
• Registration of trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights;
• Industrial licensing for Industrial Companies;
• Commercial Registration for importers and exporters;
• Commercial agency contracts;
• Dealing with all Governmental Authorities including GAFI and EFSA;
• Corporate Legal Affairs. 

Our Leadership Team:

Hafez Sharaf El-Din
FinExpertiza Egypt
Noha Hafez
Senior Auditor
Karim Zaytoon
Public Relations Manager
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11 Hanin Ibn Isaac Street, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt


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