The 6th FinExpertiza Global Conference is officially open

FinExpertiza Global

Elena Trubnikova, President of FinExpertiza Global, welcomed the delegates to the 6th Annual FinExpertiza Global Conference and went on to present the expert report "Human Resources: Global Perspectives, Efficient Solutions".

The speaker gave an overview of global HR trends and outlined practical solutions for the audit industry: automation of key audit procedures and implementation of comprehensive internship programmes with a focus on adaptation and mentorship.

"The professional labour market is definitely shrinking now. But we also see an opposite trend: companies automate business processes and delegate most of their routine processes to machines. A lot of administrative jobs are already replaced by information systems and neural networks. Very soon we will see the number of vacancies go down," shared Elena Trubnikova.

"If your market does not have enough qualified auditors and consultants, you should grow them yourselves. This is what we do at our Moscow office: we have developed a system for training our interns to use hard and soft skills through mentorship, negotiation trainings, and business games. My message is: Be digital. Be flexible. Grow younger," concluded the expert.

The Conference continued with an in-depth analysis from Ilgiz Baymuratov, Vice-President of FinExpertiza Global, assessing the network’s performance and indicating new alleyways for collaboration between FinExpertiza members in the strategic geographic regions.
26 October 2023

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