FinExpertiza Global held the webinar "Saudi Arabia: getting started, doing business, getting tax right"

On March 19 FinExpertiza Global held a webinar on the opportunities of doing business in Saudi Arabia.

The Network’s experts answered the most relevant questions for foreign investors interested in the Saudi Arabia market: which cities and areas of the country are best for registering a business, what types of legal entities can be incorporated by foreign owners, which banks to choose and how the company’s tax burden will be structured, as well as whether it is necessary to conduct an audit and which government bodies require an auditor's report.

The speakers gave special attention to the industries most popular with foreign businesses, such as medicine, restaurant business, construction, logistics and transportation services. In the context of the development plan of Saudi Arabia, these industries will be supported by the government with maximum preferences in the next 10 years.

The speaker list included:

- Abdulmajeed Alshareef, SOCPA, FFA, IPA, CME1, TBAV, TMEV, Managing Partner of FinExpertiza Saudi Arabia;
- Basim Ibrahim, Director of the Qassim Branch, Foreign Investment Consultant at FinExpertiza Saudi Arabia;
- Ahmad Fathi, Director of the Tax Department of FinExpertiza Saudi Arabia;
- Anna Molchanova, Development Director of FinExpertiza Global.
21 March 2024

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