FinExpertiza expands its presence in Kazakhstan

The Kazakh company ProgressAuditKz has joined the international audit and consulting network FinExpertiza. The network now includes 20 companies from 16 countries.

ProgressAuditKz is based in Nur-Sultan. The company provides comprehensive audit and consulting services, helping businesses achieve their strategic goals and boost their efficiency.

The new member firm in Kazakhstan will allow FinExpertiza to expand business development opportunities for its clients in new markets.

FinExpertiza is an international audit and consulting network with its headquarters located in Moscow, uniting more than 1200 professionals in 16 countries of the world. Since its inception, FinExpertiza has established business processes on five continents, gained a steady position in the ТОP-30 of the best global audit and consulting networks, and was admitted into the "elite club" of the profession - the Forum of Firms under IFAC. FinExpertiza offices operate in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.
16 December 2020

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